V-BOARD™ Versatile Fitness Board Seeks Crowdfunding on Kickstarter.com

V-BOARD Logo on Baseball Cap photo preview_zpscihb8pta.jpgBrushy River, LLC.
Austin, Texas
For Immediate Release Contact: Susie Buckner – (254)-340-0234

Manufacturers being sought for production material and hardware.

Austin, TX – November 8th 2016 – (SMWire™) – Brushy River, LLC. is in the final throws of the V-BOARD Versatile Fitness Platform development. They have decided to promote the project on the popular crowdfunding portal at Kickstarter.com Developer Kevin Dill states: “With all of our projects on the table, we decided to break away from total self-funding for the completion of the V-BOARD™”.The Fitness platform is expected to launch in late 2017. It will target the physical therapy and home consumer markets.

News Facts:
The V-BOARD™ is combines advanced stretching and workout into one convenient platform.
The V-BOARD™ is currently Patent Pending by the USPTO.
V-BOARD™Go Here to help fund our project. V for Health!™

Source Newswire: Social Media Wire™