A Little Less Desperation – A Point & Click Adventure Game Seeks Funding on Kickstarter.com

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Contact: Marian Cerman

Email: marian.cerman@web.de

Austin, TX – November 15th 2016 – (SMWire™) – A Little Less Desperation is a humorous sci-fi point & click adventure game about Jacob, an organic vegetable farmer who gets abducted by aliens & ends up bumbling his way into an epic journey traversing across the galaxy to get the girl & save the day from the nefarious Mr. Electron Burke & his dastardly plans!

We have it all: Science fiction, love interests, long-lost Kings, slapstick humor, puns upon puns, interstellar mining and… cucumbers!

The galaxy (as usual) needs to be saved! Our idea was to create a science fiction story about the heroic rescue of our galaxy, and leave out the hero. But don’t worry, in the end Jacob won’t screw up as badly as you (and also we) might expect him to!

Now, there are tons of urban legends about encounters with aliens from outer space… from backseat lov-… err… stargazing couples spotting UFOs landing in remote places, to anorak wearing nerds picking up extraterrestrial chatter on their RF receivers, to unsubstantiated theories about the REAL whereabouts of The King of Rock’n’Roll. And and and then of course there’s the dozens upon dozens of people (often famers; as the case seems to be) who allegedly got abducted by aliens; and er- uncomfortably, well and truly, err.r. examined! Anyway, so all in all, we believe that it’s all just begging for some legs to be pulled and some ears to be wagged and some eyes to be rolled! So we did all of those things and ended up weaving together a fantastical completely off-its-rockers science-fiction comedy adventure!

Check out our recent Kickstarter campaign.

We have playable demos for your enjoyment:



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