Revealed: THE secret weapon for CEOs in their fight against “Invisible Walls”

Revealed: THE secret weapon for CEOs in their fight against “Invisible Walls”


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Veronica Conway

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Columbia, MO, January 23, 2018 – (SMWIRE)-

Revealed: THE secret weapon for CEOs in their fight against “Invisible Walls”

The (R)evolution Group is set to unveil their latest secret weapon in the fight against “Invisible Walls” – those insidious, hidden C-suite demons that too often take out talented CEOs.

According to Founder and President, Veronica Conway, “Our state-of-the-art, neuroscience-based approach has high-functioning executives and business leaders quickly breaking through the intangible barricades that are hindering their personal and business performance – so they can increase their bottom line AND bust through limiting beliefs.”

Conway will launch a virtual C-Suite clinic this February, offering high-level private mentorship to accomplished leaders – leaders who will likely begin the clinic not knowing the invisible walls they’re hitting up against… or who will have identified them incorrectly! “It is not a lack of knowledge, nor strategy that prevents leaders from realizing their highest calling and potential,” explains Conway. “Rather, it is hidden patterns of internal resistance that often leave brilliant leaders confused and not performing at their maximum capacity. Of course, for as long as these blocks remain hidden, there is little that can be done to break through them. That’s where we come in!”

Leaders seek Conway out when they’ve hit a block they can’t seem to navigate with previously successful or conventional methods. “Our unconventional approach addresses the underlying causes that inhibit growth and performance – namely converging pressures, hidden traumas and emotional conflicts,” explains Conway. “Our CEOs discover a new, more rapid ability to execute their highest-level strategy for maximum impact, as well as achieving greater emotional freedom. Put simply, our techniques enable executives to achieve more than they ever thought possible – with far more ease and far, far less struggle.”

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About Veronica Conway and the (R)evolution Group

Veronica Conway develops revolutionary programs that transform the finances of low-income, inner-city clients AND the bottom lines of multimillion-dollar companies and their executives. In service for nearly two decades, The (R)evolution Group’s clients include Dell, Nike, the NBA, the Kellogg Foundation, the City of Oakland, the Annie E. Casey Foundation, The United Way, Triumph Technologies, The Maya Angelou Charter School and many others.

With Veronica’s coaching, I made $160,000 in a single weekend. She is my secret weapon.

George C. Fraser, CEO FraserNet, Inc; Founder, PowerNetworking Conference

We created more revenue in the first 6 months of this year than the previous 4 years combined.

– Alfred A Edmonds, Jr., SVP Black Enterprise Magazine; Co-Founder, The Grown Zone

I can honestly say that working with Veronica Conway changed my life. When I became President and CEO of a national nonprofit, I felt that I had to become my image of a ‘leader’. Veronica helped me identify and embrace my own leadership qualities. My increase in confidence and effectiveness has been amazing.

– Carol Pierson, President and CEO National Federation of Community Broadcasters

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Crystal Good, Digital Strategist

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