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Contact: Kevin Dill


Austin, TX – November 21st 2017 – (SMWire™) –

Best Motivation Quotes has shifted it’s presence fully on Facebook in response to the changing social landscape of the Internet.

“In the digital age, companies must adapt to maintain their presence online. In 2015 Facebook out performed Google on traffic.  Because of this, we made the decision to try something totally different.  Change our primary homepage to a Facebook page.”- Kevin Dill

Best Motivation Quotes offers custom tagged motivational and inspirational quotes for personal use and businesses.  The service takes the relationships into a more warm and personal setting.  This practice has proven to improve customer retention.

You can shop HERE on Facebook to choose a set of motivational and inspirational quotes to place a watermark of your name, web address or email address on every graphic in the package.  This makes for a very cost effective branding tool in your regular correspondence, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or web posts.

Stop by today to experience a new way to connect with your friends or business contacts!

Add inspiration to your page, projects and emails today.

Posted by Inspirational Quotes on Sunday, September 3, 2017