Move over Meat, These Dog Treats are Powered by Plants!

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Contact: Jason O’Neill
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See how this family owned company is changing the way we think of dog treats.

Austin, TX – November 15th 2016 – (SMWire™) – Walk down the aisle of any pet store and you will find bacon-flavored treats for as far as the eye can see.  This is for good reason: dogs love meat!  However, a small family-owned company from New York named Benji’s Farm believes  that we should leave room for leaves in our dogs’ diet… and their philosophy might just change the way you look at your dog’s treats.

Benji’s Farm was founded by the parents of Benji (yes he’s a real dog!) with one simple mission in mind: to help make our dogs as happy as they make us.  Benji’s dad Rocky, a PhD botanist, and mom Allison, a health and wellness teacher, feel that we should expect more from our dog treats by offering more than just a tasty snack.  With no hard feelings for meat, Rocky and Allison were inspired by the power of plants, and created clean plant-based recipes that use specific active herbal ingredients to support overall doggy wellness.

With the belief that happiness starts with health, Benji’s Farm offers six varieties of treats that address specific areas of a dog’s health.  Each recipe starts with organic, human-grade ingredients such as pea flour, peanut flour, and molasses, and contains a proprietary blend of herbal ingredients carefully chosen by Dr. Rocky.  Have an energetic or anxious pup?  Skip the Zanex and try Benji’s Farm “Sleepy” variety, which contains lavender, chamomile, and passionflower to support calm and relaxation.  How about a dog who is a bit long in the tooth?  Try the “Hippy” variety, with its turmeric, cayenne, and bay leaf, all proven to help with creaky hips, bones, and joints.

Whatever your individual needs may be, Benji’s Farm can help keep your dogs happy and healthy.   Best of all, these delicious treats are formulated for everyday use, so you can feel good about indulging your doggy’s sweet tooth! Benji’s Farm is growing faster than a weed and this mom-and-pop run company is having trouble keeping up with the demand!

You can join in on the action by checking them out on Kickstarter to learn more and help support their amazing business adventure.  Do your dogs a favor and  discover the power of plants!!

Source Newswire: Social Media Wire™